Affiliation Program


1. Application Procedure

2. Affiliation Agreements

3. Adherence to CEDAR CLC Manual


1. To ensure that curriculum is delivered effectively

2. To ensure that academic, operational and administrative standards are met

3. To maintain CLC's sustainability

4. To provide a sharing platform

5. To project a Christ-glorifying image in unity

6. To provide opportunity for CLCs to develop and mentor new CLCs


Upon approval from CEDAR, a qualified CLC may recommend a new CLC. The promoting CLC will train and mentor the new CLC for a period of time based on CEDAR policy and guidance. In return, the new CLC is subject to CEDAR policy on royalty.


Currently there are two CLC models that CEDAR recommends. First is the Conventional Full-fledged School which basically covers five traditional subjects: Bible, History & Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science. Students attend school five days a week. Fawnridge Christian Academy (FCA) is a conventional full-fledged school. Second is the Classical Semi Homeschool as modeled by Vickery Christian Academy (VCA). On top of the traditional subjects, this model emphasizes on Logic, Humanity and Classical Languages. Students study alternately 3 days at home and 3 days at school during the week.

This program is availaible for CLCs/PKBMs

The following are the steps of establishing a CLC/PKBM