Horizons Preschool For Three’s
Prepare youngsters for preschool with a program designed specifically for three-year-olds. Horizons Preschool for Three’s Curriculum Set addresses cognitive development, pre-reading and numeracy skills, language acquisition, and school readiness.
Featuring 40 weeks of lessons and activities, the set includes :
one student workbook,
  • a workbook companion,
  • a teacher’s guide, and
  • a brightly illustrated Bible story reader.

Developmental Highlights
• Foundations for reading, writing, and math are built through gospel stories, alphabet and number games, worksheets, creative art, music, and new vocabulary.

• Social skills are acquired through interactive play. As students begin developing a sense of identity and character, group exercises and character-building activities allow them to explore personal interests and achieve positive self-esteem.

•Fine motor skills required for writing are strengthened through cutting, painting, and coloring.

Horizons Preschool
Horizons Preschool introduces preschoolers to social studies, language arts, math, phonics, and science. To add variety and depth to this foundational curriculum, additional topics, such as health and safety, arts and crafts, music, and physical education are included. This flexible program, which is Bible-based and filled with hands-on activities, can be easily adapted to a variety of daily schedules and program objectives.
Horizons Preschool curriculum has
  • 180 lessons in 2 student books,
  • 2 teacher’s guides,
  • a sing along music CD, and
  • a resource packet. Basic flashcards and other manipulatives are included in the resource packet.
An optional set of recommended multimedia contains videos, CDs, and CD-ROMs that coordinate with lesson themes and develop students’ motor skills.

Resource Packet Includes
  • Full-color Teaching Aids
  • Alphabet Puzzle
  • Memory Verse Cards
  • Colorful Flashcards
  • Reproducible Materials

What makes Horizons Preschool so effective?
  • Helps students understand that God is the beginning of all things
  • Enhances the total development of the student through multi-sensory activities
  • Develops a foundation in phonics and mathematics
  • Follows a theme of activities that are planned in a sequential manner
  • Promotes character qualities, citizenship, and community awareness
  • Adapts to a variety of daily schedules and program objectives with a flexible organizational structure
  • Reinforce concepts with games, songs, poems, drama, and multimedia
  • Provides preparation for kindergarten in a Christian environment
  • Aligns closely to state objective requirements