ELI 360 Guidance

Your Pathway

ELI 360 Guidance has been designed with one goal in mind: to help students plan and prepare for their future. With exceptional assessment tools, detailed occupation profiles and comprehensive post-secondary education information, students move seamlessly through the career exploration and planning process.

Comprehensive Education Planning

ELI 360 Guidance for education and career planning that identifies, measures and matches students' "blueprint" with a strategy to obtain the best fit in the 21st century global market. A student's blueprints is made up of his or her:

  • Strength

  • Skills

  • Talents

  • Ambitions

  • Gifts

  • Values and Motivators

Students participating in the ELI 360 Guidance Program will have access to a wealth of knowledge, information, experience and tools to help guide them up one of the Mountains of Society where they will be most effective in their profession and more importantly, achieve job satisfaction while becoming successful.

The eight "Mountain" include the following:

  1. Government/Law
  2. Education
  3. Business/Finance
  4. Religion
  5. Family Health Care
  6. arts/Entertainment
  7. Media/Technology
  8. Social Justice

ELI 360 Guidance (E3G) is a 4 year curriculum-based program designed to lead high school students toward their best-fit education and career pathway as well as establish positive character, work ethic and leadership traits within students for a successful future. E3G offers existing school staff a way to proactively reach each and every student on a personal and meaningful level. This provides an alternative to the responsive career guidance approaches historically used whereby the student must take the first level of initiative to gain answers to their questions. E3G takes career development and exploration to the front lines, the classroom.

This program is designed to help a student answer the following questions:
Who am I?
How do I tend to approach life?
What am I going to do after high school?
Where will I find my place in the world?

Using a variety of methods, E3G connects with students and helps them to open doors and windows to explore the vast possibilities that await them in today's complex marketplace. ELI 360 Guidance is changing the way students discover their own personal career pathway.