Indonesian educational law (UU No. 20/2003) acknowledges and supports the establishment of formal and non-formal institutions. As a curriculum provider, CEDAR offers several types of curricula to schools and learning centers.

1. Christian American liberal arts curriculum (Kindergarten to Grade 12)

This curriculum covers both the traditional paper-based work text and the technologically advanced online learning methods. While complying with the government national curriculum standards, schools and centers are able to provide students with the full experience of American education that is well known around the world. Students will be better prepared for both local and overseas universities, and will particularly have a seamless connection to American universities. Please visit www.fca.sch.id or www.vca.sch.id to see samples of Christian liberal arts school. For further information please check the complete CEDAR Catalog.


2. CEDAR Select-Advantage (Grades 1-12)

Some schools with curriculum rooted mainly in national standards may feel the need to enhance its students' global readiness. This curriculum set is the right option because middle school American English mastery will put the students at an advantage level not only in academics but also in character. CEDAR Select-Advantage consists of 6 units per year that can be conveniently managed by schools. Available packages are Language Arts, Bible, and Science in high quality black-and-white print.

select advantage SCI+BI+LA

3. CEDAR Select-Value (Grades 1-12)

With CEDAR Select-Value set, schools and learning centers with limited resources will get the benefits American Christian curriculum at the basic level. Consisting of 4 units each year, students will be able to confidently progress to a valuable English proficiency. Available for Language Arts and Bible in high quality black-and-white format, this set is a solution to schools or centers that focus on national curriculum but desire to add more value to the students.

select value

4. CEDAR Select-Kindergarten

Schools with limited resources may want to choose this curriculum. Presented in creative, Bible-based lessons, CEDAR Select-Kindergarten will give a head start for schools that are planning to introduce American curriculum to the students.

K3, K4, K5