New Products

eDynamic Learning
Schools across the country have discovered the eDynamic Learning difference and how we can help meet the individual learning needs of today's online student. click here to view eDynamic Learning
ARC Reading Enhancement Program
ARC READING ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM A Comprehensive program designed to improve reading, spelling, comprehension and listening. Complete listening CD sets. Suitable for students as well as preparing teachers to shift to English-based curriculum.
Horizons Preschool
Curriculum set for Kindergaten-3 This curriculum has been carefully researched and based on the best practices for teaching the delighfully inquisitive three-year-olds. The student set consists of a Bible story reader, an
ELI 360 High School Career Guidance
ELI 360 Guidance (E3G) is a 4 year curriculum-based program designed to lead high school students toward their best-fit education and career pathway as well as establish positive character, work ethic